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The author was born and raised in Glasgow, more specifically Clydebank, an area torn apart by the German Blitz during World Word Two.

Born at the beginning of 1952 he missed World War Two by less than seven years yet the effects were still being felt all around him. Rationing and bomb sites were the norm as he grew up in a once Great town still reeling from the effects of the most devastating war in world history.

The Author has had a lifelong fascination and admiration for the resilience, determination and benevolence of the politicians and people of the immediate post WW2 era who gave the UK the health service, social housing, universal education and the welfare state.

He considers himself lucky to have been born in the UK. He also considers himself lucky to have lived through the golden years, enjoying a level of prosperity his children and children’s children will only be able to dream of.

In both ‘Where the UK Went Wrong [1945-2015] and ‘Where the UK Went Wrong [Post-1945] 2nd Edition’ the author compares the post war commitment to social cohesion and universal prosperity with Late 20th and early 21st century’s weak and ineffective political leadership (of all parties) and the Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ society they have sought to create.