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I found this book really enlightening especially because my knowledge of UK history is not up to scratch as I would want it to be. This book has helped me to fill some gaps in my knowledge. The author’s insight into the history of the UK thus far, was very informative. He explains the positive impute that the Labour party and the Conservative parties have made to the growth and prominence of the UK. At the same time, he highlights a number of things that could have been done better by these parties. As he said at the beginning of the book, successive governments have betrayed the British people by subjecting them to poor education, housing crisis, low employment etc.
I loved learning about the nationalisation of government organisations like the railway, the emergence of the NHS, National Insurance, Labour unions, 11plus exams and much more.
I enjoyed Alastair Macdonald Hart’s insight into the historical events of 1945-2015, which he backed up with lots of relevant data. This is a good book, which has been well written and I highly recommend it.
By Michael  

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“Where the UK went wrong” by Alastair Macdonald Hart is a must-read for those of us who care deeply about Britain and its role in the world. It’s been a challenging 12-months for the UK, with the Scottish referendum followed by the General Election. The British society is a bitterly divided one, with clashes between the haves and have-nots, immigrants and native-borns, whites and non-whites, Tories and Labour, increasing all the time -but the question to be asked is how did we get to this point.Author Alastair Hart attempts to answer in this thoughtful and comprehensive book on British history and politics. I really appreciate that while this is an intensely political book, the author does not take sides. In fact, he explains how both sides – the Right and the Left are equally to blame for the mess Britain finds itself in. This is great stuff and I had a delightful week reading this book. There’s just so much I learned from it.

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With the recent swarm of migrants trying to reach the land of milk and honey, through Author Alastair Hart and his personal journey, we are introduced to a fascinating insight of British political history, and how us Brits have been betrayed by successive governments, through their attempts of trying to recover the economy through the use of nationalisation, NHS, unions etc…..Admittedly, some parties have been more successful than others in influencing and introducing new changes, yet despite the facade of how brilliant these changes were at the time, the shortfalls and lack of oversight on particular issues as Alastair points out, are now beginning to reveal their potential flaws, flaws that have now caused an economic epidemic, and nation that is totally unprepared and reliant on the state when things go wrong.Furthermore, rarely does a a book depict modern society with such great accuracy and tenacity on the main issues that greatly affect us all. It’s such as shame that those of whom know how to reform and rebuild a nation are often pushed aside as mentioned in this book.For the remaining few amongst us, of whom are intelligent enough to realise that we are in a pickle of a mess, then this book is must read. It will provide you with an eye-opening insight that will help you make your own judgements, and be prepared when the mess hits the fan.


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Where the UK Went Wrong is one of the best books I have read on recent British history. A lot of books focus on the World Wars however the 1945 – present period is not as common. I personally find this to be a very interesting time as the country has changed immensely in the last 70 years. What I really like about the book is the unbiased and factual approach especially on topics such as immigration which have been filled with lots of opinion and little fact in other books I have read. The author has made a point of showing the pros and cons in each area of the book.My favorite part of the book was the authors section on short-termism where he explains how and why some government projects that seemed very successful at the time are not so in the long run. The author backs up each section with plenty of evidence and examples again from both a negative and a positive view as well as in between.Overall this is a very interesting read that anyone from the UK or with an interest in Uk history will enjoy. Very well written, well researched and most importantly based on facts and evidence instead of opinion.

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By Ranger 

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I have a great interest in British politics and followed the recent general elections, which saw Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative Party return to power very closely on sites such as the Guardian and Telegraph. So I am familiar with both sides of the argument – the Right and the Left about what really ails Britain.What I find refreshing about this book, “Where the UK went wrong” by Alastair Macdonald Hart is that the author blames both sides equally for the predicament Britain finds itself in. Now, when I use the word “predicament”, it is important to explain that the standard of living in the UK is far better than what you would experience in over 95% of the nations in the world – but what Mr. Hart alludes to in his book is about how it could have been so much better, if not for the short-sightedness of politicians from both parties – Tories and Labour.For someone who is already quite familiar with British history, I still did learn a lot of things that I hadn’t known before, such as how the NHS came into being, story of unions and their battles with the establishment, history of the manufacturing sector and the services industry, the beginning of the Welfare State and so much more. There are no real heroes in this book, but former Prime Minister Clement Attlee comes closest to being one, although he is not as well known as Winston Churchill.This is a very scholarly book with a plenty of facts, stats and historic data. I was fascinated by Mr. Hart’s insight into the housing crisis, his take on zero-hours job contracts, his worry over the diminution of the NHS and the sad state of public education in the country, and so much more. Mr. Hart is very objective and precise in his writing, and lets the facts do the talking. I am very impressed with this book.


By Lindsey  
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I’ll admit as a US citizen I know very little about the history of the UK. Luckily, this book provided insight as well as a detailed history of the last several decades. In a concise and clear voice, the author not only gives the reader some cold, hard facts, but he does it in a way that leaves us thinking long after the book is finished. I particularly enjoyed learning about “The Health service” and” Immigration”. Overall, I highly recommend this read and am very glad I stumbled on it.