Petra and the Jinchek Enigma
Alastair Macdonald Hart
Jinchek has left a horrible, cruel place called Las Vega Clu. (‘Las Vega Clu’ had gained its name among residents from the remnants of the only sign left in the city, the official name was Freedom City’) Looking at the smashed up remnants It was not hard to imagine the once grandeur of Las Vega Clu before the devastation, before the humans were left scurrying round like rats, before Darwin’s theory became a reality. He dresses in rags to hide his grotesque features and his voice is a rasping whisper. Like others he seeks Haven for refuge and a new beginning, but he cannot leave behind everything he wishes. What’s more, people of Las Vega Clu are not happy to see him leave. He hopes to find salvation in Haven, but will he end up bringing destruction to this hallowed place?