The Ark Journey
Alastair M.Hart
A mysterious vessel dubbed 'The Ark' was found lurking at the edge of the solar system. A team of scientists from all over the world was gathered by NASA to figure out what this Ark was, and who had sent it. The Ark rested in orbit of Earth and the empty vessel became populated with a team led by Doctor Alex Pullman and General Arnold J. Bernstein III. It was supposed to be a routine exploration mission to learn about the capabilities of The Ark, but when the powerful craft leaves Earth's orbit and crawls back through the Solar System, panic sets in. On the Ark, tension reigns as a battle for leadership between Alex and the General distracts everyone from their duties of cracking the mystery of the Ark. But intrepid scientists push themselves to their limits, facing their fears in this race against time to understand who sent them on this journey and, more importantly, where it's leading them.
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